Art Masterpost - spn_J2_bigbang 2015 - Dreameater

Challenge: spn_j2_bigbang
Title: Dreameater
Author: animediva
Art: dun
Pairing/character: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R for story, G for art
Summary: While helping Bobby clean up his attic, Dean accidentally releases an ancient Japanese creature, the twisted and vengeful, dream-eating baku. But the curse on the sealing scroll is that he will slowly lose his luck and life force within 108 days to power the baku's pulling Japanese demons into an unprepared and unknowing new American world. That is, if the loss of luck doesn't just kill him first. In the process, gets a new bird buddy, the tengu Castiel, a sarcastic sidekick, the kitsune Gabriel, and has to save the world before the baku steals dreaming from humanity and drives the world mad. In the end, the Righteous man rises to the challenge of killing the baku through a love he never imagined or saw coming.

The story 'Dreameater' by animediva was so huge and so rich in imagery that there were moments when I almost felt panicky. Luckily those moments were short-lived and the rest of the time I really enjoyed doing the art for this amazing story. Some of these pictures may seem a bit puzzling, but it will all become clear (hopefully) when you read the story -- so off you go! :)

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fanart: cockbert bigbang, art post #1

Story title: ‘In Our Favour’
Author: i_bleed_magenta
Artist: dun
Pairings/Characters: Adam L/Cinna (from Hunger Games)
Rating: art G

Artist’s notes: Cover art for i_bleed_magenta's wonderful cockbertbigbang story 'In Our Favour'. I really liked this pairing :). Line drawing, coloured in PhotoShop CS2, textures added.

Please do not share images with real people called Adam or Lenny ;)


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fanart: mycharity chibi art, part 2

Fanart in exchange for a donation to Adam’s charity for clean water (apologies for lateness in filling the prompts).

Adam in the birthday party Queen t-shirt
Requested by: anobakitay
Fandom: RP Adam Lambert
Rating: G


high ceiling, GCollapse )

Adam in a kilt
Requested by: sorchasilver
Fandom: RP Adam Lambert
Rating: G


so many fans, GCollapse )

Adam wearing white tunic
Requested by: on-a-halfshell
Fandom: RP Adam Lambert
Rating: G


blinding white, GCollapse )